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A most unusual and charming semi-evergreen groundcover, this plant keeps a low profile until April (in NC) when it sends up 4-6" long stems with clusters of white fuzzy flowers resembling its common namesake, a cat's toes. This plant thrives in lean, dry soil, spreading slowly by rhizomes to form a lovely weed-suppressing colony. 


Also known as Everlasting or Mouse Ear, Pussy toes are a host plant to the American Lady butterfly. Attracts a variety of pollinators.




Pussytoes (Antennaria plantaginifolia)

SKU: Pussytoe1000029
Growing Now
    • Butterfly Larval Host
    • Attracts Bees, Butterflies, Birds and Hummingbirds
    • Drought Tolerant
  • Sun Exposure Full, Partial
    Soil Moisture Dry, Medium, Medium-Dry
    Height 3-6"
    Spacing 12" - 24"
    Growing Zone 3a - 8b 
    Bloom Time Spring

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