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Eastern Bluestar 'Blue Ice'  is a clump-forming, vase-shaped perennial great for planting in groups in your garden or along border edges. This ornamental cultivar of Eastern Bluestar is a bit shorter than the straight species, with deeper-colored flowers and blooms just after the straight species. Flowering in May/June (May in NC), its blue flowers fill that late spring/early summer gap. Its seedpods are highly ornamental. The gorgeous yellow fall color makes it well worth the wait for it to reach its mature size. 


Blue Dogbane is native to various habitats, including moist, open, sunny woods, meadows, and riverbanks in Eastern North America and Texas. Once established, its taproot enables it to withstand occasional drought. It holds shape best in full sun.


This plant serves as a magnet for a wide variety of pollinators , attracting butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, hummingbird moths, and skippers. It is a host plant for the Coral Hairstreak butterfly.


Blue Dogbane is a Deer and pest resistant due to the toxic white latex in its foliage.

Eastern Bluestar 'Blue Ice' (Amsonia 'Blue Ice')

SKU: EasternB1000013
Growing Now
    • Attracts Bees, Hummingbirds, Moths, Butterflies
    • Drought, Deer and Rabbit Tolerant
    • Black Walnut Tolerant
    • Great Fall Color
  • Sun Exposure Full Sun to Part Shade
    Soil Moisture Medium-Dry to Moist or Occasionally Wet
    Height 16" - 20"
    Spacing  24"
    Growing Zone 3 - 9
    Bloom Time Spring and Summer

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