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Blue eyed grass looks like a small ornamental grass until May (in NC) when these adorable light blue flowers start popping up on the end of the blade. Not a grass at all, blue eyed grasses are in the iris family. This plant is great for edging, looks fabulous planted in groups. Its home is moist, open well-drained woods, streambanks, and slopes but can tolerate some sun and a bit of dryness. 'Suwannee' has greener foilage than 'Lucerne' whose foilage has a blue tint.


Blue eyed grass is a great substitute for Mondo grass (monkey grass, Liriopes).


Blue eyed grass attracts butterflies, a variety of bees and syrphid flies. Birds eat the seed.

Blue-eyed grass 'Suwannee' (Sisyrinchium angustifolium 'Suwannee')

Growing Now
    • Wildlife Food Source
    • Attracts Bees, Birds, Butterflies 
    • Semi-evergreen
  • Sun Exposure Full, Partial
    Soil Moisture  
    Growing Zone  
    Bloom Time  

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